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Enrolling at Buchan Primary School

Children who will reach the age of five years on or before 30th April may commence school in January of that year. An enrolment form may be obtained from the school office.

On first enrolment of a child, a Full Birth Certificate must be produced as proof of date of birth.
An immunisation certificate, received from the Immunisation Register, is also required to be presented on enrolment.

Prep Transition Program

We have extremely strong links with our local kindergarten. Transition from kinder to school is an ongoing adventure starting once children are settled into kinder. We want the students of the kinder to feel a part of the school community as early as possible.

Visits to the school start in the second term and reciprocal visits by foundation and grade 1 students also occur. Our junior grade teacher ensures she visits the kinder class to familiarise herself with the students and begin to form a relationship so the start of school is a welcoming experience. Many of our kinder students have older relatives at the school and see it as a great adventure to go and play with the “big kids”. Our students especially enjoy combined celebrations and family days.  These times are special as the kinder students are able to create connections and familiarise themselves with the school and staff.

As part of the transition program for all new students coming to the school we employ a speech pathologist to provide screeners to advise us on our new student’s point of need for learning. This ensures each child’s individual needs are meet.  

Prep Requirements

There are no special requirements for students entering the school apart from school uniform.

Uniform Requirements

Uniforms are compulsory at Buchan Primary School.  You may put in an order at any time with most stocks kept in the office for your convenience.

Brimmed Hats are also compulsory in Terms 1 & 4 to enable your child to play in the sun.
Correct footwear and clothing is essential for use in all Physical Education sessions.
You are advised to LABEL all removable items of clothing.  Clothing not collected by the end of each term will be donated to charity.

Click to download the Uniform Order Form

Policies & Procedures


The children will be seated for fifteen minutes each lunch time. 
Your children may have lunch orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday which come from the Buchan Valley Roadhouse.

Bus Travellers

Parents are to advise school  (preferably written) of alternative travel arrangements or requests. Note also that regular bus travellers will always be put on the bus unless authorisation is provided by parents.


No medication of ANY kind is to be administered to the children by staff members.  If your child requires medication during school hours, please visit the school yourself or arrange with a friend to give the medication at the appropriated times.


Please ensure that your children know the road laws and can ride competently before allowing them to ride to school.  All children riding bikes to school must wear approved crash helmets.  Ensure that the bicycle is in roadworthy condition.


In the case of accidents sustaining injury, the first responsibility of the teacher is to treat the child and then contact the parent.  Upon being contacted, it is the parent’s responsibility to take the child to a doctor or hospital.  Please ensure that the school has up-to-date information of a contact number for yourself or an emergency contact person.

Parental Visits to the School

The school welcomes parent visits and active involvement and interest in their child’s learning and development.  However it is important to be mindful that each classroom teacher and the Principal have a heavy classroom commitment and the importance of not disrupting classroom learning.  Parents are requested to limit contact and visits to the school to outside class times.

Telephone Calls

Please keep telephone calls to a minimum.  The most convenient times to call are  before 9:00, between 11:00 – 11:20 and 1:00- 1:45 or after 3:20pm.   If you telephone outside these hours you may leave a recorded message.


If you intend to leave our school, please make arrangements for a transfer note.